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Italia 2008

Well i have dedicated this blog to my Italy's team at Euro 2008 that starts in a couple of weeks.

The Team (Official 24 man Roster, It has to be cut to 23 but that cut is probably Perrotta since he was injured yesterday)

Marco Amelia
De Sanctis


De Rossi

Del piero
Di Natale

My starting 11

Buffon- The best goalie in the world even at his age. We cant go wrong with Buffon

Grosso- Great player defensively and offensively. He makes brilliant runs and has the speed to get back. He is also a great crosser of the ball.
Cannavaro- One of the best defenders in the world. Has loads of experience and is a natural leader
Barzagli- I have him over Materazzi as Materazzi has been in terrible form and i have never liked him. Barzagli is young and has shown that he is an elite D.
Zambrotta- His age is getting up there but he still has the pace to contribute offensively and is still great defensively.

De Rossi
- Probably the future of Italy. He is great defensively in Gattuso's role and has blistering long shots. He will be one of their best players easily.
Pirlo- The wizard of italy's game. Has all the vision in the world and you cant go wrong with him.
Camoronesi- Is creative and can jump into the attack real well.

Cassano- Easily the most talented layer in Italy and maybe the world. If his temper stays in check he will be italy's best player.
Di Natale- I dont know if he should start but Donadoni loves him. He is fast and is in great form.
Toni- IMO the best In the box striker in the world at the moment. I see him as winning the goal scoring campionship in the euro with roughly a goal a game.

De Rossi--------Pirlo---------Camorone
-----Di Natale

This will be Donadoni's Starting 11 im not so sure if this would be my ideal 11 because it looks to offensive. Im all for goal scoring but this will leave us vulnerable because De Rossi is the only Great Defender in all the Midfield or attackers. My 11 would go like this.

Perrotta or Aquilani--De Rossi---Pirlo------------Camoronesi

This would be great defensively and still provide a spark with Cassano and Toni and if we need a goal we could easily transform into the other formation with Perrotta becoming a forward or subbing in Del Piero or Di Natale
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Posted on: May 24, 2008 2:37 am

The Jays

Well nice win tonight. I am a little tipsy as i had a few drinks tonight so forgive me if i make any mistakes. I think i am sober enough to write this blog.

The Jays have IMO the strongest rotation in the American league. How many teams have 5 strong in the rotation. Halladay is the epitomy of an ace. McGowan is a little inconsistant but has the stuff of a future ace. Marcum is just incredible, he mixes his pitches well, Litsch is just somehow good, he doesnt have to much STUFF but he is decent, and Burnett looks like the best pitcher in Baseball somedays but then he could look average sometimes.

The Bull pen is almost lights out and Ryan has been incredible since coming back.

The offense is where it all goes horribly wrong.
Stewart- Has been good lately but is not hitting for tyhe average i was hoping for. He has also shown almost no power.

Hill- He is just doing terrible. He has shown NO power lately and isnt hitting for average.

Rios- He is our best player and my personal favourite. BUT that home run derby really screwed him up. Hes only got 4 HRs since (I THINK). Also i got a problem with the way he swings. He shouldnt bend his knees so much it takes away from his power swing. I realize it makes the strike zone smaller but, it cant be comfortable.

Wells- Was doing alright but is now injured.

Rolen- Has been doing pretty alright, id like to see some more power but he is doing what i expected.

Overbay- Has been a complete dissapointment since we got him but has been hitting lately. But he doesnt do offensively what a 1b is supposed to do.

Scutaro- My new favourite player, not only is he Italian but he is clutch and doing well for a utility player.

Zaun- My least favourite player, he should be the 1st to go at the end of the year.

My Idea's for improvement.

New Catcher- We needan upgrade both offensively and defensively. I saw the minor leaguer JP Arencibia(Last years 1st round pick) is hitting for power and average and should be ready not next year but probably the next. So i would love for him to be our starter either next year or the year after but if not i think we should go after a vet catcher that is offensively capable. Or go out and try to get Jarrod Saltalamacchia. He is a great young catcher who is being wasted on the bench.

New 1B- Overbay is good devfensively but not offensively. We could move Matt Stairs to 1b and find a new DH or just find a 1B. That Travis Snider is ripping up the minor leagues and he is probably a DH or 1B in the majors and will probably be ready by next year and should be given a shot at LF or 1b. OR we could go get Adam Dunn who has been shopped for a while and move him to 1B or DH. Instantly adds a power lefty to the lineup. Or we could try for Ken Griffey, he is also being shopped.

Future SS- We have no good SS in the minors and the way Ricciardi drafts we probably will never have one. So the way i look at itwe need to go out and grab olther peoples prospects. The Marlins just signed Hanley Ramirez longterm whhich was who i wanted, since he would have been a FA i think. I think we could get a good SS prospect from a team like the Mets who have Reyes for a long time, relatively easy. Whatever it is we need a young Shortstop.

So trades or Cuts.

Overbay and David Purcey for Adam Dunn and a mid level pitching prospect. 1B solved

Zaun, Ricky Romero and some mid level pitching prospect for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. C and then we could either move him or Arencibia to 1B sooner or later. (Because Dunn is short term.)

Robinson Diaz and Adam Lind for some 5 tool type short stop. We could also add in Accardo for a really goodprospect. I think Accardo is good value with what he did last year to some team that needs a closer. Maybe a NL east team (Because they all got sick SS so they must have no need for the good SS in their minors.

Well thats just my idea, i think this will improve the team a ton not only short term but longterm
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Posted on: April 29, 2008 9:56 pm

The Habs

the montreal Canadiens are perhaps the most talented team is the NHL. They are faster and more graceful than any other playoff team. Yet they still struggle against teams they are much better than (Bruins, Flyers a combined 16-0 against them in the regular season). This brings me to believe the Habs lack heart. Players such as Kovalev, Higgins and Plekanec have not steped their games up, they arent playing bad just not what i expect in the playoffs. These Younger players like the Kostysyns and Lapierre have worked their buts off while Higgins misses open nets and Michael Ryser sits on the bench. This lack of heart among the Assistant captains (Kovalev, Higgins, and Markov not Koivu as Koivu is all heart) is what IMO the reason we are not winning.

The next issue is Goaltending. Carey Price is amazing. He is the future of the Habs and maybe the best goalie prospect of all time. These playoffs he has not been consistant, he was amazing in 4 games against the bruins and he was less than stellar the other 3. Last night he was absolutely disgusting. That shorthanded goal was dispicable and even the other two were weak. We really need for him to show up tommorow night because when he is on his game we win plain and simple. I for one think it would be a shame if Halak started, not be cause Price has sucked, but because Price needs his confidence up and he is the reason we have made it this far to doubt him now is exactly what he doesnt need it could ruin him. See. Raycroft for the leafs (amazing now he sucks). We need to Start Carey and give him some defense and get the early lead which is key.

By the way next year gives me the shivers especially if we could lure a sniper to replace Ryder that could score 30 goals a season.

Go Habs, in no time they will have me singing OLE OLE and P.S if we make it o the finals me and my buds are driving up to Montreal to party and watch the games (In a bar because i would have to sell my kidneys to get tickets) and hopefully we could join in the rioting when they win.
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